Forever Venice 1988

Sun. June 25th, 2023
737 San Miguel Ave.
Venice, CA

A Venice art & photo exhibit and Fundraiser for the Pico Youth & Family Center, a community center serving Westside LA for over 20 years.

  • Centerpiecing a Merrick Morton 1988 Venice Rolling Stone retrospective
  • along with photography from Venice legend Josh “Bagel” Klassman, Robert Alvarez
  • 80’s Venice art installation and backdrop
  • also featuring artists Juan Carlos Muñoz and Javier Perez
  • Food, refreshments, and bar
  • Raffles
  • DJ Smokey Gurrl spinning the tunes
  • Clothing Vendors

Featured Artists

Merrick Morton

Merrick Morton‘ s black and white photos helped pioneer modern street photography and is best known for his work documenting cholo culture in Los Angeles during the 70s and 80s while on assignment for Rolling Stone.

Josh "Bagel" Klassman

Josh “Bagel” Klassman: Underground Venice Photographer. “My photos are an insider’s perspective, a participant documenting my world then and now. I’ve never gone for clean & slick, I only go for real & gritty. To me the imperfections are perfection.”

Robert Alvarez

Robert Alvarez is a multi-generational Venetian, passionate photographer and innovative entrepreneur.

Juan Carlos Muñoz

Originally from Boyle Heights, Juan Carlos emerged from graffiti art and aerosol mural paintings to become a revered American sculptor and painter. With a career defined by diversity—from acrylic and ink to intricate bronze sculptures—his works have found homes in prestigious galleries and museums worldwide, including the iconic Getty Graffiti Black Book.